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If I consider myself being either a selfie-girl or not, I am definitely the latter. My face and body get tensed as soon as the camera is in front of me, I constantly wonder if I am smiling properly. I hardly like  being in pictures until I met Etsuko. She brings my usual self, the silly, goofy me! And she captures the best moment of me. I could find different sides of me through Etsuko's picture that I have never realized. I started loving myself more and more.


"Working hard and living so busy can be wonderful but sometimes you have to take the time to slow down. To appreciate the beautiful world around you. To discover your amazing self. Love yourself first, and the world will follow. Etsuko is a wonderful photographer who made me feel like a beautiful princess during our photoshoot together. She has a talent for creating softness, simplicity and excellence in her photos. When I saw the lovely photos from our session, I felt amazed, powerful and inspired."​

Latha G

​I was blessed to meet Etsuko Lee, the talented photographer behind Studio Verdin, several years ago when she first came to Canada as a student. She struck me as a kind and gentle person with an amazing ability to capture beauty in everything she photographed.

Recently, I was fortunate to have been a client of hers when I did a glamour shot with her and her team. I'm a mother of 5, and I usually do not have the time to get dressed up, nor do I feel very photogenic. Etsuko made me feel very comfortable and beautiful. Her easy going nature makes it easy to communicate with her. I was pleasantly surprised by how good she made me look in the photographs! She has also taken some beautiful portraits of my daughters. Now if I can only get the whole family together for a family portrait! I am looking forward to doing even more sessions with Etsuko in the near future!

Alam & Match

"Etsuko is a wonderful talented photographer with lots of passions and unique vision in capturing perfect moments. The engagement photos are absolutely stunning, and we cannot be thankful enough to Etsuko for being so patient, approachable and paying attention to detail during the photo-shooting. The photos came out really high-quality with a great sense of art and style. Not only we love the photos, but also our parents, friends and relatives were thrilled with how amazing the photos were handled and edited by the photographer. The whole experience with Etsuko is fantastic and exceptional. She respects and treasures every single opportunity to shoot photos for clients, and hence you can rest assured that you will get the best out of her. Etsuko, we are so happy to have you to be our photographer and friend. Thanks again for creating such a beautiful memory that we can share and will last a lifetime. "

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